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Voice and Communication

These one to one sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual. Whether you are preparing an important presentation, undergoing a personal improvement program or simply wish to be confident and speak with gravitas, 

The sessions are ideal for those who want more confidence in their communication on any level, or those who use their voices in a professional capacity.

This work is particularly beneficial to those with English as a second language or those returning to the workplace after a break.

I work with my clients on the three elements of effective communication: Voice, Body Language and Mindset, in order to achieve the 'complete package' of compelling interactions.

I also work under a guaranteed code of confidentiality.


For Business

  • Presentations: structure and delivery

  • Influencing the behaviors of others

  • Being heard in a challenging environment

  • Demonstrating confidence

  • Managing people and working with teams


Using your voice in the right way can change the outcome of any situation, ensure you are heard and stop people talking over you. You may be dealing with accent, volume or pitch issues, all of which can be overcome with the implementation of the right techniques. 

I will also teach you levels of psychological understanding, mindset shifts and practical, physical techniques to enable your confidence to grow and your working life to improve sooner than you think.


For Women in Business

There is no doubt that men and women communicate in different ways. These sessions are specifically designed for women, to enable clear and confident communication. Whether you are returning to work, dealing with challenging colleagues or working in a male-dominated environment.


Career Support

It is rare that we are able to discuss and solve issues arising in the workplace when we are so busy trying to fulfill the job. These one to one sessions enable you to draw out the crux of a problem and work out positive solving strategies based on your own strengths and discoveries.

This work is particularly valuable for graduate development, for personal insight around work appraisals and for those who may have hit a bump in their career road.


12hr cancellation policy. Sessions cancelled within this time cannot be refunded unless there are mitigating circumstances.

Prepaid sessions have a redeemable time limit of 12 months.

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