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I'd like to thank you for all your support this year. Thank you for pushing me and believing in me, as without you I would not have had the courage to make this leap. They sent me the contract yesterday...double the salary plus bonus! I couldn't believe it!! 
JL  Learning and Development Manager

Your complete understanding of both the psychological and technical processes behind my improvement have enabled me to go on a real journey. I am approaching my professional life with a clarity and confidence which is almost unrecognizable. Thank you....Really" 

 ST Lead Engineer

When I started managing a team, I had no idea that I had so much still to learn. You've guided me through the steps of firm but fair communication techniques...and I really feel that I'm starting to get the best from those around me.
AT Line Manager
My presentation was a success. I received praise from both my colleagues and management team. I had no idea you would be able to help me so much in such a short space of time. I look forward to learning more.
SG Department Manager
I can honestly say that the workshops I have had with Sarah are directly responsible for my acceptance onto a
masters programme at a leading drama school this year. I will take the performance techniques she has taught me on to the rest of my career.

HW Drama Student
My sessions were quickly adjusted and tailored towards my change in professional circumstances...and we changed focus towards presentation and interview process. Needless to say...I got the job!

RS Global Solutions

Thank you for making me get my 'big girl pants on'! You've given me the confidence to not only change my job, but also the tools to navigate a new working environment. You da best!
KB Product Engineer
Sarah will tailor make sessions specifically to your needs and unlock potential you didn't know you had! I strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their pubic speaking, presentation, voice and communication skills to the next level. She is simply awesome!

DP Purchasing Manager

The work I have done with Sarah, on altering the way I communicate, has had direct impact on both my working life AND my relationship with my family. Sarah knows, in real terms, how to help your confidence, your understanding and your impact. I believe this work can change lives.

RO Department Manager

Sarah's voice coaching session was both fun and challenging. It gave our Volunteer Guides a vocal range and a confidence that enabled them to share stories with our visitors. Their objective was to use their voices as tools to bring the history of motoring alive. Objective achieved!

We will be booking Sarah for further training in our company.

SD Department Manager

Sarah worked with me on voice projection to improve my public speaking. She soon detected that some of the activities were outside my comfort zone and put me at ease straight away. Her knowledge is deep and detailed, yet she successfully engages in lay persons terms.

I was astounded to see significant improvements within an hour. Not only did I improve my projection but also felt felt more confident! I would highly recommend Sarah!

DK Project Manager

Sarah has given me great confidence and a range of techniques to use to help me communicate with impact. I am a woman working in a male dominated environment and English is my second language, so there were many challenges to face! I am continuing my work with Sarah, as I want to build my career in this country and at this stage I know her help will enable my success.

DL Engineer

Sarah has an uncanny ability to get the best out of people. She is more than a voice and acting coach - she helps develop self-confidence, stronger interpersonal skills and highly improved communication in her clients ... and I couldn't think of three better qualities required to succeed in any industry!

LJ Journalist

Thanks to Sarah's help I have found the key to communicating with my teenager. I understand her a lot better, have changed my communication techniques and as a result we have far less arguments. A much happier house.

MA  HR Manager

My business involves teaching courses and seminars, but over the last few years I'd increasingly struggled with sore throats and loss of voice after teaching longer classes. Sarah offered to help and during a 1:1 session explained the reasons behind my troubles and taught me breathing and warm up exercises. After only a couple of weeks working on these exercises I had a class to teach. Not only did I find it easier to "work" the room, I was perfectly fine afterwards. I've taught a few classes since and had no further problems with sore throats. Iparticularly liked that Sarah took the time to listen and understand the issue in detail before making recommendations and teaching me the exercises. She made sure I fully understood what I was supposed to do and how to do it. I believe that this approach contributes to the results she achieved. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sarah's work as a voice coach and hope to work further with her to learn how to use my voice more effectively."

SM Internet Marketer

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