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I was born in Beverly in Yorkshire and grew up on the beaches and cobbled streets of Whitby. As a teenager my family moved to the Cotswolds into beautiful, but landlocked, surroundings. I missed the sea.....however, these days I am lucky enough to be able to visit the ocean often, in the sunnier climes of Lanzarote, where my creative inspiration continues to be nourished. 

I was always creative and my first job as a young artist was with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the late 80's. I was a prop maker for five years. The pull of being onstage, rather than behind it, was too much, so I decided to audition for Drama School.

I gained a place at the prestigious Rose Bruford College in London and became an actor, progressed to director and finally, after a stint at Warwick University, to Teacher of Acting, Voice and Communication. 

My final immersion in formal education was completed in recent years, when I launched myself into a Masters Degree in Fine Art.

I have spent nearly twenty five years combining my skills and study into, what has truly become, a portfolio career....and I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.


I am an acting teacher and audition coach for the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

I am a freelance voice and communication coach, and professional development mentor...clients include Jaguar Landrover, British Motor Museum, Malhe and many individuals from mixed industries.

I am an internationally exhibiting and selling fine artist with galleries in Northumberland, Warwickshire and the Canary Islands.

I am a lucky woman and I have a Newsletter which you can subscribe to, if you want to keep up!

Big love,

Sarah x

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