Fine Art

I am fortunate to be able to work professionally and across subjects in the creative industries.

My first formal engagement as a paid artist was with the Royal Shakespeare Company in the late 80's. I was an onsite prop maker for 5 years. A great training ground which prepared me to be a practitioner who was unafraid of materials and challenge. 

I am now a fine artist in my own right and have developed my  academic and physical practice whilst achieving my Masters Degree in Fine Art at the Birmingham School of Art. 

About the work

Each piece in each series will mean something different to every person who encounters it.

Some see new worlds or fantastical landscapes. Some see places they know or are reminded of a feeling they had, or a time that was important to them. 

The pieces are unique and unrepeatable. I use the abstract mark-making of watercolour and mono-print techniques with bold, precise application of gold leaf, to explore the concepts of healing and humanity through the notions of light and scale. In this way I create tension between the perfect and imperfect.
Gold’s particular glow has entranced the pleasure sensors of the human race for millennia and has become an ongoing theme in my work.  The Egyptians revered it as a magical healing element sent from their god, The Sun.  When the shine of gold meets the eye, each piece is activated and energised revealing a life beyond the two dimensional  surface of the picture.
I am inspired by our relationships with the universe and the elements within it. The idea of space, time and existential inquiry.

Particularly relevant, I feel, in our current global society.

I make this work because for me it the emulates the fragility and beauty of life as well as questioning our perspective of our existence.